About us

About us

Innovation is in our DNA with an ultimate vision of providing enhanced outsourcing solutions mainly in the areas of healthcare, mortgage, banking, insurance, inbound & outbound (voice) process.

The complete universe of 1’s and 0’s requires clear documentation and user-friendly support. Insha manages outsourcing solutions with expert peoples so that you can manage your software and product development much efficiently. As of now we are having a small team with smart working people’s handles all data entry, healthcare projects compliance documents and regulatory filings securely and affordably across the globe.


Achieve all your goals and aspirations; with the right kind of help, exactly when you need it.

  • Telephonic Answering Services

    With fabulous 24×7 services, we provide excellent business support to any type of businesses across the globe. We fuse advanced technologies with the Industry standard customer services and endeavour to provide the highest level of gratified customer.

  • Customer Services

    We offer professional amiable customer services to any businesses across the globe and make usance of impregnable call scripting system and handle the customer queries likenessly and efficiently.

  • Help Desk & Technical Support Services

    We offer technical support services via outstanding email /chat/call modes, which resolves user’s technical queries related to any services provided by our outsourcing service providers.

  • Enquiry Handling Services

    We provide excellent enquiry handling services and with our experienced team of customer service experts, we handle query services efficiently and effectively.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services

    In our IVR services, we make use of computer-human interface interaction system through our message/calls services, a service which flexiblises the overall services for remarkable 24×7 computer assisted services as per client needs effectively redefining the business excellence by maximizing the business profitable output by reducing the input costs.

  • Inbound Sales Services

    We have a team of experienced inbound sales executive professional's who are adaptive to excel the services required by following a customized sales strategy.

  • Order Taking Services

    Geared up with trained and experienced order takers, we efficiently handle the order taking services in an innovative professional manner by improvising the way businesses take the orders.


  • Telemarketing Services

    We have a team of experienced telemarketing professional’s who deliver outstandingly remarkable services as we can handle both business to business and business to consumer telemarketing services with at most professionalism.

  • Market Research & Surveys

    Our market research and survey processes track customer’s data from customers in an innovatively designed logical arrangement pattern by clearly outlining the results, graphic presentation and intrinsic statistical documentation in a groundbreaking feasible aspect.

  • Lead Generation Services

    We believe in quality leads and deliver it with at most professionalism and with our trained personnel’s, we procure leads of prospective customers in various ways by which a customer shares the details redundantly. Our team being fast catcher in acquiring product knowledge efficiently generates leads providing effective services to our clients.

  • Follow-up

  • Voice Broadcast

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